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My name is Tonia North, I have been an an antique  dealer for over 15 years.  My postcards business was named "A Memory In Time" and in February of 2017, I took over what was once Dovetail Antiques from the owner whom has retired. The previous owner, Debbie Haggaii has kept the name and will now focus on shows and Estate Sales. You can follow her on the Dovetail Antiques Facebook page.

Myself and one other dealer remain and two consignors are also still working with us. We also have four other new dealers.


Terry McBurney whom specializes in all things fishing related and Coleman lanterns.  He writes for Woods and Waters and does the Allegan show and numerous others around Michigan.  Terry can most commonly be found at the store on Wednesdays and one Saturday a month.   If you have a collection you want appraised you can call the store for details at  616-897-0898.

Tim Smith is our "Bottle guy".  He has a variety of cool Beer / Brewery related bottles & collectibles as well as collectible Ball jars and milk bottles.  You'll also find some fun 'guy things' in his showcase like collectible pins, tins and maybe even a military piece once in a while.   

Tonia North - (Owner)  I was with Dovetail Antiques for more than 10 years.  As mentioned above, I specialize in vintage postcards but I buy and sell almost anything from furniture to collectibles.  I also am the primary dealer that sells online.   I can help you with appraisal information and give you advice as to the best way to sell your goods.  

In addition to the above, we have 5 new Dealers: 

Karin Jelsma  whom is best known for her fabulous things at her home on Burroughs (House #8) Christmas Through Lowell.  Karin has become widely known for her fun and affordable vintage jewelry.   She is also quite skilled at finding uniques from primitives to shabby chic and fun furniture pieces.

Dale Spitler has sold down at Allegan and has a fabulous gift of fixing and repurposing all kinds of things.  He loves to make barn doors, Bars and cabinets to name just a few things!  But he's growing a following that love his unique mirrors and shelves too! 

Mary Smith has a background selling for over 8 years at Changing Times in Grand Rapids.  Having recently moved to Saranac, she wanted a closer venue!  Mary has customers woo'ing over her door and bed benches and chairs.  But she is skilled at finding old pieces and giving them new life.  She mixes her booth up with a fun eclectic mix of stuff from fabric pillows to garden decor. 

Star Palasek has been in the business for 15 years and has also been at Changing times.  She loves to upcycle and repurpose.  She loves shabby chic, fun vintage, barn wood, stars, farm furniture and glassware. 

Cindy Louwsma   Joined our team in September of 2018 and her booth is already turning heads.   She loves to repurpose and the fun and quirky.  You'll spot her booth right away if you see a skeleton or FUNky piece.   She is VERY eclectic and has books, old cameras, Shabby Chic and some painted furniture to name just a few things. 


 Wally Jung aka Postcard Wally is one the largest postcard dealer in Michigan.  Known for organizing shows all around Michigan and traveling through the Midwest, Wally is always up for a good collection!   Wally has over 10,000 postcards with us (the store has over 30,000)  and brings in new inventory every month!  Wally's inventory here includes Michigan (including Real photos), Ships, topicals, and holidays including Halloween!  He also has approximately 15 boxes  of Dollar postcards.  Don't worry, we keep a desk nearby so you can spend time hunting comfortably.  

Donna Dykehouse   Now in her 80's, Donna has been selling here for nearly 10 years.   She brings a fun aray of vintage items from Pyrex to tea cups, knives and purses.  Donna adds a great flavor of items to our shop.  

Steve Elvy brings us a great variety of Military and ship nautical related pieces.  He loves Great Lakes Ships and Navy items, but he will also bring in some fun local collectibles on occasion.   


Vendors Booths and showcases will be available on a temporary basis.  Because we are a smaller store, we feel that our dealers and customers will benefit most by rotating inventory as best we can.  For this reason, we will be renting most of our showcases and extra rooms on a more temporary basis.  This could be a daily special event, only a week, or for a whole month.   These vendors will be bringing in wonderful items from either their own estates or because they are owners, dealers or collectors downsizing inventory. Either way, they are motivated sellers.  

Vendors will be limited to 1 months use per showcase or room.  They are allowed to renew a showcase (So a total of 2 months per vendor per showcase) once as long as inventory rotates completely.  In addition to their rent, Vendors are also subject to additional advertising fees of up to 10%.   (NOTE:  But if you have something we are interested in, we are not afraid to barter.)

What we have:


Showcase #1 - $100/ Month  

     Side A - $50 / Month

     Side B - $50/ Month

Showcase #2 - $100/ Month 

Showcase #3 - $100/ Month 

Showcase #4 - $100 / Month

Showcase #5  -$100 / Month


The vendor room is actually our public restroom.  Recently painted this charming small room is a great space for signs, artwork and small furniture pieces.  This room houses a small showcase.  If you're a crafter, small entrepreneur or a business owner that wants to showcase your business, this room gives you some options for just $25 a month! Their is room to display items for sale on top of this showcase as well.  This room will 

 Rent $25 / Month 


The estate room is a small 10 x 5 room with cement floors and exposed plumbing fixtures and a barn wood wall and shelves.   This room is great for the Small Estate sale or the person downsizing their own or family members estate items.   

Estate Room  Rental $50 Month = 10%  

Watch our Facebook page for regular photos of what's new!  But don't forget to come in because we can't photograph it all! 



SEPT:  Chris Birdsong - Vintage Clothing, purses, Golf Books, Estate items

OCT:  Chris Birdsong - More Estate - Christmas Mercury ornaments

NOV:   Star Palasek 

DEC:  Star Palasek 


JAN:  Sue Kinney 



MAY :    






NOVEMBER: Now Accepting Applications for Christmas Through Lowell

DECEMBER:  Now Accepting Applications for Christmas Through Lowell



We carry something for everyone but the Man Cave has been set aside especially for the guys stuff.  This room features Sports memorabilia, military, automobile and old signs and Coca Cola items.