Welcome to North Star Antiques 

...Where small town shopping meets online convenience

Who we are & What we do

Yes we do buy and Sell Antiques & Collectibles.  We offer everything from Old barn doors, furniture, Turquoise and custom Jewelry to fishing tackle and vintage postcards. With 9 different dealers, you can often twist our arm and convince us to buy almost anything.  Sometimes however, it is better for us both if we can sell it online by consignment.  We feature three online stores which increases the odds of your items selling.

What Qualifies?  To sell an item online, it must be worth at least $100 and we have to feel it has a good chance to sell. 

Our Services

Whether you have one piece of furniture or an entire estate, we can help you sell your items online locally or internationally.  Our resources include:

1)  Rubylane.com - We are an established Platinum level seller with 10 years of experience selling quality antiques from this high end Antique website.

2)  Ebay - We are a Power Level seller with 100% positive feedback and we know how to get the most for your item in many instances, without relying on auction. 

3) Etsy - We are enjoying to get to know this new and hip venue to sell our unique antiques, repurposed items and crafty finds we find at estate sales.

4)  Craigslist - Craigslist can be tricky and their are scam artists out there.  Let us help you avoid the pitfalls and have a positive experience.

5) Facebook Marketplace - If you love shopping online 24/7, you can find items for sale direct from our Facebook page OR on Marketplace.   We can hold items 24 hours and we accept Paypal or Credit cards by phone. 

5)  North Star Antiques  In Lowell.  Sometimes there is just nothing like the 'touchie - feelie' for a customer to see a nice quality piece. 

Consignment selling:   Our dealers have years of combined experience buying and selling and We've  learned how complicated  today's market  is.  The Antique market of today differs greatly from the market of 20 years ago.  I often compare it to the Stock Market because with the information age of computers and smart phones, has come a very fluid market that can change demand overnight.   One post on Pinterest can create a whole new demand.  And it generally isn't for that 1800's hand carved Walnut dresser with the marble top.